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When expanding into a new market, the cultural integration of your product is a crucial factor to consider.

Cultural integration when overlooked can diminish your concept; companies that disconnect culture and strategy are putting their success at risk.

Sadiqa, a cross-cultural consultancy provider, ensures that its clients’ concept, products and services can penetrate the market successfully by including the essential cross-cultural factors.

In an international market such as the GGC region, integration of business culture & cross culture awareness is essential to ensure the products are appealing to a broad customer group.

Sadiqa helps its clients understand how culture affects international business in communication, etiquette, product integration and organizational hierarchy.

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Cultural Awareness

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Thermal Istanbul

The Hashimi Group has designed the concept “Thermal Istanbul” that addresses the needs of family-focused investors from the Middle East.

The project was carried out under the guidance of Sadiqa. As per request of the client, utmost importance was placed on privacy, family and Islamic social life.

Thermal Istanbul is a time-sharing development with 144 apartments, built in the comfort of a 5-star resort including an SPA with thermal pools. Whether it is for business or pleasure, you can feel right at home.

Sadiqa provided guidance in regards to the specific requirements of clients from the Middle East, mainly taking into consideration the culture and traditional values of citizens of the GCC. The challenge was in designing a multi-apartment block with impressive shared facilities that at the same time can address the very specific needs for privacy and family-focused lifestyle of the targeted investors.

The project is now in the funding phase, allowing interested investors to engage in the project and to secure an apartment in the development.



We provide support and assistance throughout all stages of the market entry.


We provide turnkey business solutions to international clients.


We provide marketing support for businesses to ensure brand and sales growth.

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