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Sadiqa analyzes your marketing demand, evaluates possible target groups, identifies the best advertising channels for your business and implements a tailor-made strategy to ensure the success of your business.

The UAE’s digital marketing market has boomed and social media has become an important and necessary tactic within digital marketing strategies. Sadiqa creates a platform for the brand to engage with their audiences outside their company either online or through traditional marketing channels.

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Sadiqa is one of the team and implementors behind the branding of Manta Ray. From the color scheme, brand identity, logo creation design of the kayaks, paddle boards up to website creation. We help Manta Ray develop their own brand persona and bring its brand stories to life. At present, Sadiqa is in charge of the social media marketing and communications for Manta Ray.


The look and feel of the Bamboo Spa brand was derived from the creative imagination of its owners. Sadiqa brings this imagination to reality by creating the logos, carefully choosing the right color scheme, the earthly tone of the brand which invisibly links to its service offerings. Sadiqa manages the website, the social media marketing, enquiries and communications for the brand.


Le Bistro ( is a restaurant located in the Philippines, combining French Chic and Filipino Taste. The unique setting and the excellent cuisine is combined with outstanding service, which makes the Le Bistro a “must-visit” for people living in the northern part of Mindanao.

Le Bistro operates and actively maintains a website on which it informs about the latest offers, special events and on which it features some of the suppliers. Especially during the time of COVID-19 the opening hours and the offers had to be adjusted to the local rules and regulations. This let to increased traffic on the website but also phone calls to inquire about opening hours etc.

Sadiqa helped to address this need for information by programming a BOT that engages in a discussion and provides answers to questions asked by the visitor. This sophisticated solution was put in place in short time and is continuously maintained and supervised to secure an accurate answering of the questions asked.

Sadiqa collected the business and operational information in structured interviews with the operators. This information was then programmed into the BOT allowing for different type of questions and adjusted answers.

It is important to keep in mind, that the post-go-life maintenance of such BOTs is crucial, as answers have to be refined and new content or changes in content have to be added to the program.

The BOT helped to address the demand for information, increased the customer satisfaction with the information provided on the website and helped to reduce the phone calls.

EVENT management


Eurojuris is an international association of lawyers, representing about 6’000 lawyers of more than 500 law firms. Eurojuris organises approximately 100 events/training days every year, which are exclusively available to Eurojuris members on a wide range of legal and business development topics.

One of the main events is the annual member’s meeting, which happened in 2018 in Dubai. Sadiqa was heavily involved in the preparation and promotion of this successful event.



We provide support and assistance throughout all stages of the market entry.


We provide turnkey business solutions to international clients.


Companies that disconnect culture strategy are putting their success at risk.

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