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Ever had an idea or concept that you wanted to bring to the market, but didn’t have the time to do so? Sadiqa can help you bring your idea from a concept to an implemented solution.

Our team of professionals helps you to fine-tune your vision and will help with energy, passion and dedication to make your business venture a successful one.

The project feasibility and business case consulting of Sadiqa ensures strategic planning of each business prior to penetration of the market.

Sadiqa’s consulting team can manage your business while turning your venture into a profitable and growth-oriented business supported by state of the art infrastructure and resources.



Real Estate



Sadiqa and CRESCO teams have been actively working on expansion in the hospitality sector in the Philippines. One of the exciting projects the team is working on is Le Bistro a French-style restaurant. Sadiqa’s team has been assigned to work from the concept design, interiors and procurement of the right materials from the initial construction to the operations.  This project has been a labour of love for the team who have been remotely working on the project from their Dubai offices.

The successful soft launch of Le Bistro on February 28, is another testament to Sadiqa’s core value in helping companies grow into new markets and working within a multicultural environment.

We are overwhelmed by the positive feedback we have received mainly from the stylish ambience, carefully picked frame ideas and bringing the concept to life and making it possible to bring the French vibe to a small town like Plaridel Misamis Occidental.

Sadiqa is proud to share with everyone this new milestone which is  now officially added to its  marketing pipeline.

Under Le Bistro Restaurant, are these two brands which are also part of the unique menu offerings of the restaurant. The Olibanana offers latest creation of milk tea, shakes and infusion drinks. The idea behind the brand started from a school project of a passionate teenager which is fond of exciting cool drinks. Sadiqa help on building the brand, they were assigned on procurement of the authentic local ingredients that suites to the local customers tastes, photography, logo revamp and online marketing.


The Creperie de Plaridel is an authentic French crepe made in the Filipino kitchen handcrafted to perfection by one of our specially trained crêpe chefs. Like Olibanana Sadiqa helps on building the brand from procurement of the authentic local ingredients that suites to the local customers tastes, photography, branding and online marketing.


Sadiqa in cooperation with CRESCO and Bawbawon Hospitality Group is working on a special project. Bawbawon Beach Resort which is located in the Philippines is one of the exciting projects of the team which scope of works include from the concept design, branding & marketing, interiors and procurement of the right materials from the initial construction to the operations.

We would like to invite everyone to stay tuned and watch out this space as we go along on this amazing resort project.



Sadiqa was approached by a holder of a franchise to help him bring a new takeaway food concept to Dubai. The concept allows a flexible combination of pre-cooked main and sides dishes at the point of sale. 

Sadiqa has not only adapted the concept to the Dubai market but was instrumental in the set-up of the business and is now even involved in the day-to-day operation of the company. 

Under the guidance of Sadiqa, the concept developed a second branch specialised in food for the health-conscious consumers with an independent but still related appearance and a combined distribution network to profit from the economy of scales.



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